XLH 2-Axis Contouring Heads

2-axis milling heads for 5-axis processing


In order to be able to fulfil the most different needs and requirements of 5-axis processing, PDS offers various 2-axis milling head models. There is a number of different motor spindles with speeds up to 24,000 revolutions per minute and capacities between 7.5 kW and 17.0 kW which can be adapted to the milling heads. The A-axis has an inclination angle of 50° so that the axis requires as little space as possible during the machining process. Also, PDS 2-axis milling heads gain more stiffness and ruggedness. Low tolerance reduction gear units in both axes allow for precise positioning and repeat accuracy. Apart from simultaneous processing, both axes can also be locked by means of integrated clamping units during downtimes to provide utmost stiffness and to come up to maximum requirements.

The 2-axis milling heads from PDS can be perfectly used for processing of wood, light metals as well as compound or glass fibre materials. In 5-axis processing, the use of PDS 2-axis milling heads is crucial for high quality and productivity of 5-axis computerized numerical control machines.


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■   5-Axis contour machining
■    Power up to 17 kW and speed up to 24.000 RPM
■    50 deg. tilted A-Axis provide optimized space requirement
■    Superior rigidity and strength
■    10 deg. undercut capability
■   Compact rotational envelope
■    Tool changes at any orientation
■    Max. Positioning precision to 190°/sec
■    Max. torque to 980 Nm

Other servo connections available: Yaskawa (Standard), Siemens, Bosch, OSAI, Mitsubishi, etc.
Encoder, optional


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