DynaLOC™ Series


DynaLOC™ are motor spindles with automatic tool change. Due to their light and compact design, a capacity of up to 20.0 kW and speeds of up to 24,000 rpm, theses spindles are just perfect for use in CNC machines and robots. These motor spindles are available with an HSK tool holder.

DynaLOC is based on a patented design for motor spindles with automatic tool change. This system eliminates the need of many components of conventional tool change spindles. The reduction of these components results in a lighter, more compact motor spindle and reduces costs for manufacture and purchase at the same time. In case of this “DynaLOC” system the clamping system is enabled or disabled in the front bearing flange of the motor spindle. It goes without saying that the tools are still clamped with the help of an integrated spring system to guarantee for sufficient clamping force at any time. The tool can be ejected by a pneumatic release unit especially designed for that purpose, which is also situated in the front bearing flange.



■ Speeds up to 24.000 RPM
■ Power up to 20,0 kW
■ Automatic tool change
■ Compact and light weight design for machine tools and robotic applications
■ HSK tool holder
■ DynaLOC™ spindles feature a patent pending integrated tool clamping system
■ All cooling types
■ Encoder, optional


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