Manual Tool Change

Our motor spindles with manual tool change (MTC) are available with a standard capacity of 0,05 – 18,0 kW and speeds of up to 30.000 rpm. Due to its compact design and low power range, these electric motors are just perfect for edge machining applications. Also, large buzz saw and milling motors for solid wood working on beam machines can be supplied as a standard. We also offer a wide range of different shaft versions and tool holders. Motors with two-sided tool holder can be delivered any time.

Apart from our standard products, we are also able to supply a variety of system solutions that can be perfectly integrated into your construction process.



ADvantage™ ADE Serie -NEW

The NEW ADE spindles from our ADvantage™ series are electric motors featuring manual tool change. The cooling for those motors can be individually configured depending on the respective application. There are economic versions with cooling by means of a driven fan wheel available as well as versions with electric forced ventilation, compressed air and liquid cooling. The standard version is on offer with speeds between 3,000 and 40,000 rpm.

We also have a wide range of different shaft versions and tool holders. Milling motors are available with different collet chuck tool holders from ER11 to ER40. If previously measured tools must be changed quickly and precisely, PDS offers HSK tool holders for manual tool change in sizes from HSKC32 to HSK-C63. If required, PDS is always ready and prepared to develop special tool holders in versatile design options. Motors with a variety of base or flange fixtures, flat motors and motors with two-sided tool holder are available as a standard at any time.




Giordano Colombo MTC

As an authorized reseller of Giordano Colombo we can offer you the full line of maunal tool change electric motors. If you are in the market for a new GC spindle or just a replacement of something you already have, we are the company to call.




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