Spindle Repair Process


Ablauf der Spindelreparatur


Once your broken spindle has reached us, we will start to disassemble and inspect the spindle and to analyze any damage. After this inspection is completed, you will receive a detailed repair quote with the request to approve the repair in writing. We will only start to repair your spindle when you have given your approval to proceed.


Motor spindle repair process:


Check in

We will notify you as soon as your broken spindle reaches us. The next step is the receiving inspection during which the transport packaging and the spindle are visually inspected for any transport damage. We will inform you immediately should we determine any transport damage. After unpacking the spindle, we carry out a general visual inspection where the general condition of your spindle is documented by pictures. An inspection report (receiving inspection) will be prepared that contains all data of your spindle and in which the visual condition is evaluated.



Consequently, your spindle will be disassembled by one of our experienced technicians, pictures will be taken once more and the spindle will be cleaned completely. During this step we are checking the tool clamping system as well as the bearing and leak tightness of your spindle. Any damage will be documented exactly.


Determination of damage and preparation of quotation

We prepare the quotation for your spindle repair based on the above mentioned documentation. This quotation contains the exact repair process, reasons for errors, repair measures taken as well as a list of faulty and to be repaired parts including prices and delivery times. Repair process starts immediately after we have received your approval for repair. If you do not want us to repair your spindle, we will return the disassembled spindle.



During the repair process, faulty parts are either repaired or replaced by new parts. If there are no spare parts available or no longer produced by spindle manufacturers, we are able to have such parts reproduced based on our construction engineers‘ drawings.



The spindle will be completely assembled and gets a new bearing. All rotating parts will be balanced. The shaft encoder will be set and the spindle will be checked for true-running. Also, a leak tightness test will be carried out and the clamping force / setting of the clamping system will be checked. The next step is a run-in procedure on our test field, where operating temperatures are measured under nominal speed. We carry out an imbalance test and a vibration test and sensors will be set.


Test run

The last step is a test run and a final inspection of your spindle during which all specified values are first checked by one of our responsible technicians and then double-checked by our managing engineer. A test report will be prepared and send to you together with your repaired spindle. You will also receive a form that advises you of the correct procedure for commissioning of your repaired spindle.


Dispatch of your repaired spindle

The spindle will be packed into its transport packaging and protected with a self-hardening protective foam. Should this packaging be damaged or if you want a new packaging, we will pack your spindle into a rugged and stable box for special purposes. The shipping documents and the inspection reports will be attached to the spindle. We will order dispatch in accordance with your specifications. The spindle will be shipped to your address ex works.





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