Air cooled motor spindles with manual tool change and electric spindles with automatic tool change for woodworking

With our ADvantage ADE-Series we are wide spread in the range of electric spindles with manual tool change (MTC). More than 250 different models of these milling spindles in different versions are produced. Because of the large number of different shaft designs and tool holders as well as the light and compact design, these electric spindles are perfectly suitable for the woodworking. A very broad range of milling spindles with different foot or flange mounting is available to you. In addition, electric spindles with tool holders on both sides (BI-Spindles) can be delivered as a standard.

Also our motor spindles with automatic tool change (ATC), which are available as a standard with a power range between 2.2 – 22.0 kW and a speed of up to 40.000 rpm, are perfectly suitable for the use on CNC machines and robots in the woodworking. These high quality products and still cost-effective milling spindles with long and short spindle nose are available with a HSK or ISO tool holder as well as with a press button for the manual tool change.

Are you looking for a motor spindle for the woodworking or other fields of application? Then please feel free to contact us! With our long experience and professional competence we will always be at your disposal.